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Table 2 Deregulated miRNAs in pancreatic cancer and their functions in the EMT process

From: Extracellular and intracellular microRNAs in pancreatic cancer: from early diagnosis to reducing chemoresistance

miRNAs Targets Status Functions in the EMT process Ref.
Activation Inhitibion
miR-200a ZEB1 down TGF-β induced EMT Vimentin P53 network E-cadherin [126]
miR-200b ZEB2/SIP1 [188]
miR-200c Slug [189]
miR-141 SIRT [139]
miR-429   [142]
miR-126 ADM9 down Cellular migration invasion E-cadherin [146]
miR-197 P120 catenin up EMT process   [147]
miR-205 ZEB2/SIP1 down   E-cadherin [139]
Let-7 HMGA2 down RAS signaling   [149, 150]
miR-217 SIRT1 down TGF-β induced EMT   [151]
miR-203 SNAI1 down EMT process   [152, 154]
  1. EMT Epithelial-mesenchymal transition