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Table 3 Deregulated miRNAs and their functions in pancreatic cancer stem cells

From: Extracellular and intracellular microRNAs in pancreatic cancer: from early diagnosis to reducing chemoresistance

miRNAs Targets Status Functions in CSCs Ref.
Activation Inhibition
miR-200a Suz12 down CD44 induction CSC formation CSC self-renewal E-cadherin [167]
miR-200b Bmi 1 [169]
miR-200c Notch 1 [168]
miR-141 Lin28B [166]
miR-429 FoxM1 [145, 170, 171, 173]
miR-34a HDAC1/2 down cell migration invasion   [165]
miR-101 EZH2/MCL-1/Fos down cell proliferation invasion   [175]
miR-125b BAK1 up   apoptosis [178]
Let-7a HMGA2 down    [152]
  1. CSCs Cancer stem cells