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Table 1 MiRNAs and its regulatory effects on genes involved in immunity against M. tuberculosis

From: The role of host miRNAs on Mycobacterium tuberculosis

MiRNAs The role of miRNA
MiR-29 Inhibition of interferon gamma (IFNγ)
MiR-21 Reduced expression of IL-1B
IL-12P3 inhibition
IL-10 increase inhibitory cytokine
MiR-99b Target TNF-α mRNA transcript
MiR-125 Target TNF-α mRNA transcript
Reduce inflammatory responses
MiR-155 Target TNF-α mRNA transcript
Inhibition of interferon gamma
MiR-144 Inhibition of interferon gamma and TNF-α
MiR-223 Inhibition of Interleukin 6
MiR-26a Polarization induction of anti-inflammatory M2 macrophage phenotype.