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Table 2 Characterization of the predicted vmiRNAs

From: Prediction and experimental confirmation of banana bract mosaic virus encoding miRNAs and their targets

miRNA IDMFE (kcal/mol)MFEI
number of mismatchesAU content (%)
aBBrMV miRNA 1−21.50− 0.67561
aBBrMV miRNA2−19.60−0.56362
aBBrMV miRNA 3−26.10−0.62549
aBBrMV miRNA 4−20.20−0.69260
BBrMV miRNA 5−26.10−0.671061
BBrMV miRNA 6−38.80−0.71646
aBBrMV miRNA 7−41.40−0.89451
  1. amiRNA candidates used for experimental screening were satisfied with Meyers’ criteria