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Table 1 RNA virus-encoded miRNAs and their proposed functions

From: RNA virus-encoded microRNAs: biogenesis, functions and perspectives on application

Virus family Virus species miRNA (s) Target Predicted function Ref
Retroviridae HIV-1 miR-N367 Nef Viral replication inhibition [18]
vmiR88, vmiR89 TLR8a Chronic immune activation [22]
miR-H3-3p TATA box in 5′ LTR Viral replication promotion [23]
TAR-derived miRNAs TAR Viral replication inhibition [24, 25]
IER3, ERCC1 Host cell apoptosis inhibition [26]
Aiolos, NPM/B23
Caspase 8, Ikaros
Host cell apoptosis inhibition [27]
BLV miR-B4-3p HBP1, PXDNb Host cell neoplasia induction [19, 28]
ALV-J E (XSR) miRNA    [29]
BFV miR-BF1-5p, miR-BF1–3p,
Orthomyxoviridae IAV
miR-HA-3p PCBP2 Cytokine production enhancement [31]
Flaviviridae WNV KUN-miR-1 GATA4 Viral replication promotion [32]
DENV-2 DENV–vsRNA-5 NS1 Viral replication inhibition [33]
Filoviridae EBOV miR-VP-3p    [34]
Zebov-miR-1-5p Importin-α5 Host immune system evasion [35]
  1. aTLR8:vmiR88 and vmiR99 function by directly binding to TLR8 rather than loading into RISCs
  2. bPXDN was confirmed as the target of miR-B4-3p by Kincaid, but significant down-regulation was not observed in ovine tumors