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Table 2 Isolation of RNA from Exosome Preparations derived from SCC lines and AiTS

From: Differential exosome miRNA expression in oral cancer stem cells

 RNA concentrationStatistical analysis
SCC-429.7 ng 
SCC-4 AiTS27.4 ng 
SCC-1534.1 ng 
SCC-15 AiTS35.2 ng 
SCC-2531.1 ng 
SCC-25 AiTS32.6 ng 
CAL-2728.2 ng 
CAL-27 AiTS27.4 ng 
SCC average30.8 ngTwo-tailed t-test
SCC AiTS average30.7 ngp = 0.9588
SCC range28.2–34.1 ng 
SCC AiTS range27.4–35.2 ng